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New Winslow

The town of New Winslow is a small community in the grip of a strange curse. While life mostly goes on like normal, residents or visitors will occasionally find themselves unable to move past the town limits. You never know for how long and you never know when it’ll hit you. But the rent is wicked cheap and the people are nice, so you may as well stick around regardless.

Season One begins when an impulsive promise and family obligations bring two friends back to New Winslow years after they left town. Mysteries are pursued, long-buried feelings resurface, and still, life carries on.

Do you like strange towns? Found family? Slow burn romance? Thirty-somethings trying to get their shit together with varying degrees of success? Then you’ll love New Winslow!

New Winslow is released twice weekly on both Patreon and Wattpad.

drama fantasy magic modern supernatural queer supernatural urban fantasy

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