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Karmic Reset

In the beginning there was only one, and from the one there came the four. Air, Water, Fire, Earth.

Generations passed and wars were fought. Families blossomed and nations arose. Mistakes were made but plans have been thought.

Time carries on.

Generations still come and the war has an ending. Families are what you make but the nations still stand. The mistakes have left their mark and the plans are just beginning.

They are born.

She is creation. He is stability. Together they can save everyone….if only they can get along.

(Karmic Reset, in short, is a tale of adolescence. The main characters must learn to balance responsibility with having fun. Granted not every teenager has to deal with secret societies wanting to use their unfathomable magical abilities to destroy their very race all while under the scrutiny of those they care most about, but hey. That is what ‘adult-ing’ is right?)

coming of age fantasy magic sword and sorcery young adult

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