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Friendly Necromancer

Necromancers are murderous, repulsive, utterly ungodly creatures. And then there's Jerry.

Jerry is a novice necromancer who treats his undead warmly, seeks to befriend people instead of harvest their bodies, and doesn’t mind cracking a skull or two when needed.

He genuinely is a good guy—too bad nobody believes him.

And just when Jerry’s finally found a place to settle down, a few hillbilly soldiers, an arrogant village wizard, and an earth-blessed bandit make it their purpose in life to get on his nerves.

This is the story of a delightful man in a harsh world—full of warmth, action, and wise-cracking bone puns.

Chapters are usually 2-3k words, while updates are 5/week for the first month, Mon-Fri. After that, we’ll see.

Constructive feedback is always welcome!

action adventure comedy fantasy

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