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We would appreciate it if time travel, interdimensional invaders, and all the fairies would kindly get stuffed

Alecia is smart, driven, and… bored. She is one of the best at what she does, and this is not a good thing given the sheer capacity for chaos she is capable of inciting. Jessica is a dangerous fighter, with a troubled past, voted most likely to shoot up the school.

Prysim is very likely the smartest super villain alive, certainly one of the most dangerous, and is stirring up trouble again. The fairies are trying to kill her, just for kicks, but it’s not like they need a motive.

War is brewing, and the heroes fear the world will be caught in the crossfire. Everyone has secrets, everyone is hoping to keep them, Jessica is entangled in the web of lies, and Alecia knows an unfortunate number of truths.

action ai complete novellas queer superhero teenagers young adult

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