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In a world, where superheroes and -villains have been fighting since the twenties, a world whose present is so very unlike our own, a young gadgeteer, Basil Blake, seeks both the thrills of a hero’s life as well as the chance to do some good.

The world is haunted by an invincible woman out to destroy all she sees; by a hundred-year-old villain who sees all as a mere game, moving all the pieces under his sway for his own amusement; by twisted abominations born of a single man’s spite towards all; by six madmen out to spread their madness; by an overlord who wants to subjugate all and by a great advantage in numbers for the villains.

Yet, there are heroes who seek to better the world, lead by the original superheroine, Lady Light.

Basil, under the name of Brennus, agrees with these points of light in the darkness of the world and joins the fight - in his own way.

action adventure superhero

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