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Twisted Machine

A Cultivation story, about silly things and Eldritch abominations.

adventure fantasy superhero telepathy violence xianxia

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Land of Nowhere

Ripped from his world, a man has to survive against all odds!

action adventure aliens survival sword and sorcery telepathy

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Help, I woke up with no memory in an erotic dating simulator … With Micro-Transactions

Its not pay to win, just pay to have any fun.

sex telepathy time travel virtual reality

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Six Chances

What would you do if your life, memories, and feelings were suddenly tied to another person?

anti-hero drama ensemble mystery science fantasy telepathy

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Tales of the ESDF

The members of the Earth System Defense Force stand side-by-side with their alien allies to fight a galactic war. It has been going on for hundreds of millennia and it is happening right now, without the knowledge of ordinary people here on Earth.

action aliens military science fiction series teenagers telepathy

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The Glyph Queen

adventure fantasy near future post-apocalyptic science fantasy telepathy witches

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Unusual Florida

coming of age family drama fantasy friendship mystery science fantasy siblings teenagers telepathy

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Sjoria: The Silence Before The Song

epic family fantasy high fantasy humor illustrated quest survival telepathy tragedy

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In Search of Asylum

An Urban Fantasy

dark demons shapeshifters telepathy urban fantasy vampires werewolves witches

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Fight Crime! (A Love Story)

anti-hero pulp romance series superhero telepathy thriller

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Antlers, Colorado

A serialized writing project about Austin Jones and the several years he spent away from home.

bi complete gay horror intrigue modern supernatural mystery telepathy

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complete cyberpunk mystery nanotechnology near future pdf available science fiction telepathy

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adventure crime ensemble friendship registration required superhero telepathy

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Thalia's Musings

ancient rome bi comedy fantasy gay humor lesbian love love stories magic mythic relationships romance series siblings telepathy

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Telepaths: The Park Slope Conspiracy

A botched escape from a mental asylum lands an undercover agent in custody and reveals a plot to destroy the nation’s telepaths.

lesbian science fiction suspense telepathy

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Unforeseen Dives

A Psychic Service of Investigation blog novel

complete crime mystery telepathy urban fantasy

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adventure coming of age complete first love futuristic literary fiction modern fiction near future pdf available podcast available science fantasy science fiction teenagers telepathy young adult young love

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Strange Little Band

Two psychics, one mega-corp and all-around bad behavior

aliens drama dystopian near future relationships romance science fiction telepathy

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asa kraiya

What would you do . . . to live?

angst bi drama fantasy gay politics post-apocalyptic science fantasy spiritual telepathy transformation

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