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Mark of the Fool: A Progression Fantasy

A young man is destined to be the worst of his kingdom's heroes...he runs off to wizard university instead.

action adventure college comedy magic wizards

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The Time Mage

college fantasy magic slice of life

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Lightning Does Strike Twice

Words don't kill mages; mages kill mages.

action anti-hero college comedy fantasy friendship high fantasy magic martial arts young adult

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A Fox at Heart

college fantasy humor magic romance urban fantasy youkai

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Welcome to PHU

college coming of age family fantasy love magic martial arts queer shapeshifters urban fantasy

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Raising Angels

Angels and telepaths what could possibly go wrong

angels bi college death fantasy magic romance

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Black Hat Magick

Not your ordinary detective agency

college complete detective magic modern supernatural noir occult

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Chatoyant College

college fae fantasy lesbian magic modern supernatural

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