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The Rise of the Winter Wolf

A reverse isekai focusing on a livestreamed dungeon crawling competition to become an Administrator.

What would you do if your entire life was suddenly changed at the drop of a hat?

The entire population of the world that you were born into suddenly transported to another planet along with the rest of the intelligent inhabitants of the Milky Way Galaxy.

A strange System talking to you about abilities and levels without a care for your opinions.

Thousands of monster spawning dungeons placed around the new world without a care for the new inhabitants.

And if those weren’t bad enough, a forced invitation for one thousand random individuals to compete in a livestreamed competition within a dungeon with the rank of Administrator as the prize.

You don’t know?

Well, it’s actually pretty simple.

You survive.

Wolf Adler is a seemingly average college student who is still living with his family when he, along with every other human on the planet, are faced with a strange blue box filling up their vision warning them about an upcoming reappropriation of every being of sufficient intelligence to a new planet for the initialization of some sort of System.

Now, what would an average person do if they saw this?

Ignore it and act as if it didn’t happen?

Joke about it perhaps?

If that’s the case, then maybe Wolf Adler isn’t all that average after all.

Not unless you count him and his family all rushing to grab something they can use as a weapon before a small countdown on the bottom of the box reaches zero as average.

action adventure fantasy magic post-apocalyptic rpgs

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