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Eternal Winter's Reign

A Universal Apocalypse caused by an endless blizzard full of monsters spreading to every inch of the universe

Alexander North: A regular second lieutenant in the Terran Empire’s military until the apocalypse starts and he finds himself no longer being human.

It’s year 8019 on the Universal Calendar, and the Terran Empire is only continuing to expand its influence. The artificial symbiont technology created by the Terran Research Union is being sold to the higher ups in the military, granting them powers beyond human beings; the Economic branch of the Empire is beginning to expand further into the other nations of the Universe; and the military only continues to expand into the Arctic Empire’s land, bringing the war closer and closer to an end.

However, all of this comes crashing to a halt when the Eternal Winter spreads across the entire universe and changes the laws of physics themselves. No longer can people use guns; no longer can they use electricity; and no longer can they use fire.

But the worst of the storm is from the glowing blue shards filled with a strange energy that mutates any creature it enters into a mindless monster whose natural instinct is to kill.

How will Alex cope with his newfound changes as the only infected soldier in his base to not fully turn into a monster? Will he die to the other monsters? To the soldiers? Or will he thrive?

apocalyptic fantasy military monsters post-apocalyptic supernatural

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