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The Pale Orphan

The Empire holds strong.

The four great Houses maintain it, wielding it to amass personal wealth. Nonetheless, all men under the fiery banner prosper. Agriculture, production, trade, warfare, magic, and academia grow deep roots, foretelling a golden age.

Then, the House of Zakari falls, its members slaughtered like cattle.

The Empire‚Äôs undoing picks up wind: the ancient tribes to the west prepare to invade; the monsters, divided by their differences, unite under a corrupting figure; an unfamiliar enemy braves the sea hoping for riches but instead finds the Empire—a treasure trove ripe for the picking.

The last Zakari wakes up in a distant city, somehow alive. He must take revenge, but his memories haunt him and his shortcomings cripple him. Failure is assured unless he changes. He is not the key to the Empire, but he will be.

Time ticks, disaster looms, and the Empire crumbles.

Release schedule: a chapter every two days.

action adventure fantasy magic

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