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Taylor's Polynomials

Math Equations - Personified.

These are the tales of one particular set of anthropomorphic personifications of mathematical relations. Where the graphs double as the character hairstyles. (Don’t worry, the art quality gradually improves over time.) Expect pop culture references and LOTS of puns and wordplay.

There are series’ where the parabola gets kidnapped away from the polynomials (because isn’t Para a conic?), where Versine causes problems (nostalgic for the days of more trig functions), and where a group, travelling in Log(n)’s base, finally stumble upon the mythical Fractal City.

But beneath it all, there is a more serious side. What does it mean when mathematics starts questioning its place outside of a high school curriculum? Can a female function date another female in public? How mortal is a personification, and what impact does that have psychologically? And in the end, will these characters survive against the hidden motives of TPTB (Transcendental Pi-Type Beings)?

angst ensemble fantasy humor illustrated math relationships science fantasy

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