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Time flies in Lentempia

When Jill’s husband Malcolm beats her in a race to the shower on a Monday morning, she anticipates another lecture from her boss on the importance of being on time. What she doesn’t anticipate is for Malcolm to come sprinting back into the bedroom 15 seconds later, claiming he’s spent the last 1000 years in another dimension.

Now, he’s ready to take her back with him.

Before she’s even rubbed the sleep from her eyes, Jill finds herself stranded on the beach of a mysterious and medieval land, alone. With only a cryptic note to guide her, she sets out on a journey to reunite with Malcolm and return home. As she struggles to traverse a country plagued with conflict and threatening to break into a full-scale revolution, she begins to discover the morbidly dark past of the husband she thought she knew.

adventure fantasy humor magical realism mythic relationships science fantasy time travel

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