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Skies Unbroken

Skies Unbroken is a serialized fantasy saga set in a world of endless skies, drifting isles, and continental plateaus rising above an impassable cloud floor. This is a world rebuilding in the wake of a grand empire’s collapse and the successor states’ failures. Airships of all kinds traverse these skies, crewed by all kinds of folk. But in the Northwest Frontier they’re of a wilder variety. Pirates and Prospectors. Explorers and Settlers. Merchants and Thrill Seekers. Dominators and Dreamers.

The crew of the Wink and Smile are looking to spread their wings, take on a few shake-down missions, and pull together the cash in preparation for an oncoming land rush. However, their collective pasts are keeping pace and the endless frontier skies are brewing up a whole new storm.

action adventure airships fantasy pulp series

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