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Return of the Woodcutter [A Fantasy LITRPG]

The story of a man ready to pay any price to find the redemption he so desparately need.

Iris, a foreign world engulfed in war, direly needs help. To replenish their troops and fight off horrors from the worst nightmares, the gods resurrect and summon living beings from another world: Earth.

Aito Walker, a broken man, is one such ordinary being amongst many others. Upon his revival, he will be put to the test during deadly trials.

He will start with almost nothing. No overpowered magic, no cheat skills, no-nonsense divine armors, no godly weapons. Only a peculiar system, increased strength and his wits as the best weapon.

Bearing a sin—he could not, cannot, and will not forget—haunting him to this day, Aito will strive to regain what little honor he has left.

He will suffer. He will fail. Taking advantage of his weaknesses, pain, anguish, sorrow and fear will gnaw at his sanity.

But a powerful yearning will keep him from falling apart. An ever-burning flame melting away the despair and welding back the broken pieces of courage.

A single desire.

“I will find redemption no matter the cost.”

action addiction adventure comedy high fantasy romance

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