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Mythic Cultivation: My Tongtian can't be this Cute

The Grand Myth Retold

The Grand Myth Retold.

Pangu split the chaos to create the world but sacrificed himself in the process. His corpses incarnated into all things. His eyes became the sun and moon, his breath formed wind and clouds, his voice transformed into thunder and lightning, his bones turned into metal, and so much more.

How could a world be bereft of life?

Numerous lifeforms came into being, including dragons, phoenixes, qilin, and, of course, gods. The mighty heavenly emperor, Di Jun. The kind creator of the Underworld, Empress Pingxin. The beautiful lunar goddess, Changxi. The heroic sun slayer, Houyi.

And most famous of all, the inheritors of Pangu, the Three Purities. Laozi, the Heavenly Venerable of Virtuous Way; Yuanshi, the Heavenly Venerable of Primordial Beginning; Tongtian, the Heavenly Venerable of Numinous Treasures. There was one teeny problem.

"Why the hell am I a girl?" Tongtian shouted at the heavens.

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