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Lorelei and the Sea

Lorelei has been raised to live her life by one law: power dictates fate. At sea, no man is more powerful than her father, king Lysandros. She believes her fate is to help him conquer the kingdom of Lismagh–until the night she finds him murdering her mother, the goddess of the sea.

Forsaking her father, Lorelei is reborn: a demigod, an orphan–alone, but not without purpose. Lysandros will betray his gods, start a war, and stop at nothing to inherit his destiny and throne, but Lorelei has other plans.

Leaving the fleet, her friends, and her home, Lorelei must do the unthinkable: help the foreign king of Lismagh to stop her father at any cost. She will build armies, break men, and steal power.

She will change the fate of a kingdom…

dark fantasy family fantasy mythic occult

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