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Magic, murder, and monsters

Though pompous with its modern advancements, Sybar City has always fostered a seedy underbelly stretching back millennia. Glory, a humble scholar with a talent for occult research, is unwillingly thrust into this world of ancient malevolent races and scientific exploitation. A girl with issues, she would just as soon crawl into a bookshelf and never come back out, leaving a world which alienated her in childhood to tear itself apart in her absence. But when her psychotic twin sister steals a book representing all of Glory’s amassed occult research, she is forced to step out of her comfort zone and take responsibility for the potential damage her work could cause. The need to find her book and put an end to her sister’s malevolence becomes even more imperative when others learn of Glory’s research and begin seeking the book themselves. Worse yet, she seems incapable of saying no to anyone in need, a distraction she doesn’t need and doesn’t want.

Will Glory find her book before it’s too late? And will random people stop insisting they need her help? How the heck are they tracking her down anyway when she’s slapped enough spells up on her house to deter a stampede of bison.

Tattoo is a horror series with elements of science fiction and fantasy. Folklore, mythology, and history combine to weave an eerie chronicle of supernatural suspense.

adventure dark fantasy fantasy horror magic occult urban fantasy weird

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