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A pagan city without a church... a mysterious stranger... a destroyed barrow and several murders.

Rune Fallowfell is a one-eyed young man with an eye-patch, anxiety issues and a dead family. He lives in a villa with a German caretaker called Hermann, who makes a devilishly tasty blueberry jam.The city of our story, which so happen to share the same name of our main character, while at the same time being the name of this very serial is ‘Fallowfell’. Built by pagans, lived in by pagans, it is quite a pagan. Did I mention that there is no church in the city? Hmm.. that feels relevant.

One day a stranger moves in next to our main character. That’s where the story starts.

Now, if I haven’t been able to interest you with that description, nothing will. So enjoy!

action coming of age fantasy high school magic

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