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World Domination in Retrospect

Psycho Gecko is not your normal punk with superpowers. He is every bit the crazy, violent, and comedic supervillain that you read about in comic books. He doesn’t want to conquer the world. He’d much rather conquer a hot dog eating contest, except he’d cheat by lacing his opponents’ wieners with ghost pepper. He wouldn’t even have the courtesy to tell you if he meant the hot dogs.

World Domination in Retrospect is his extradimensional blog, because he got a hold of a device once and like most villains, he can’t help but brag. Luckily for all involved, there’s only so many words he can send out a week.

You want romance, heartrending drama, a timeless coming of age story, or an exploration of man’s mortality in the big scary universe? Too bad, he doesn’t watch soap operas.

Join Psycho Gecko at his blog if you want a break from all those dramatic and angsty tales of superheroes struggling to fill their predecessors’ shoes and reluctant supervillains fighting for what is really right in a crappy world. Instead, ask yourself "Why so serious?"

Just beware, PG are his initials, not his rating.

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