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Winter Rain

Violence, revenge, and other family values: a story about life at the bottom of the pack.

Faolan runs our family with an iron fist. As a rule, he takes what he wants, and mows down anyone who gets in his way. Or sends Cormac to do it for him.

But maybe that’s what it is to be First.

Thing is, what he wants now is Keaira, whom I love. He’s says he needs her as his mate, to secure an alliance with her family. And maybe that’s true. Because things have gotten so bad with Rian—our one time ally—that if we don’t get the alliance with Keaira’s family…we may not survive.

Still, I can’t help but think that deep down, he’s just after some tail.

So what’s it to be? Do I give up home and family—and ask the one I love to do the same? Do I put my whole family at risk, so we can be together? Or do I step aside? Because while he’s First, those are my options.

And I can’t challenge him. He’d tear me to shreds.

Welcome to my life.

action angst fantasy modern supernatural shapeshifters urban fantasy werewolves wolves

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