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Unjust Depths

An underwater space opera filled with romance, violence and mecha.

A thousand meters under the ocean, beneath an uninhabitable surface, the Union of Ferris, Lyser and Solstice scratches out a living for its people in former slave colonies won in a communist revolution against the vast Imbrian Empire.

Out of every junior officer in the Union navy, Lieutenant Murati Nakara has made the most petitions for promotion to an active duty warship. When the Empire enters an era of internal political chaos, Murati finally gets a chance to prove herself.

Aboard an experimental ship and part of a young crew inexperienced in war, Murati takes on the task of exploiting the Empire’s weakness to safeguard her home. This journey will lead her across thousands of kilometers of ocean, discovering unlikely allies, dangerous foes, and difficult truths about their underwater world.

fantasy lesbian mecha military science fiction transgender

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