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To See the Stars as God

A star-hopping adventure set in an imaginative world, To See the Stars as God follows the latest journey of Glif, professional mercenary and mystery. Explore the Radius, heart of the galaxy where an alien star is only a few weeks away and where humanity has diverged into a series of mutant sub-species, some friendly, some hostile and some bizarre.

Mutated countless centuries ago into an ageless warrior, Glif is a traveling mercenary. His most recent vacation of 50 years is ended when he receives a new job from the wealthy and powerful Mrs. Welson. Glif is taken aboard her massive ship, the Cipher, and is employed as a man hunter, sent out to retrieve hard to reach individuals whose services Mrs. Welson requires. Using his super-human abilities, Glif engages in vivid and frantic battles to secure these employees, both on and above planets.

Along the way Glif befriends humans and members of the sub-species created by the artificial NE-1 virus. La’lurans, born for space and without bones or blood; quals, with strength to survive massive gravity and extra limbs to spare; relarians, most alien of all, possessing skin of metal, three legs and the inability to make a sound. These and more await in the Radius, settled over 6000 years ago by humans with one goal: populate the known universe and beyond.

However, danger is around every corner. Not all the NE-Breeds are friendly and strange things are happening around Glif. Haunted by ghoulish nightmares, he will have to remember a life centuries gone in order to protect all the peoples of the Radius, just as he has done before.

action complete mutants science fiction space western

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