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Their Gray Faces

Nothing is black and white

There have been special people all throughout history. People who could tap into the unknown and wield magnificent powers. The secrets of these people were always silenced and shielded away from the general public…until now. Alex Cristoph is a young man, with a bright future in a society where the use of magic has become a common technology. There are those who are more inclined to use it than others, and these individuals are called the Upgraded, people who can use magic without the assistance of magical tools. Alex wants nothing more than to become a member of one of these Upgraded groups, and eventually become the Face of the Sector. However, along his journey he comes to discover that Good and Evil are not black and white and that everything is not always as it seems. Everybody has a gray face. He must struggle and balance the scales of what is righteous and what is not on his way to becoming the hero he desires to be.

adventure crime fantasy magic

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