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The White Silk Chronicles

Liddy’s not a normal girl: She’s a Wilder. Living on the far fringes of the Velran Empire, deep in the Wildes, Liddy learned to hunt, to hide, and to run. Now, thanks to old traditions, Liddy must make the long journey to the capital to offer tributes on behalf of her family. The journey must be made alone, and every step of it is fraught with danger.

This fantasy story chronicles Liddy’s travels across the Velran Empire. Her journey is filled with gritty struggles—from wild beasts to the threat of starvation, from ruthless bandits to untrustworthy companions. In a dangerous world such as this one, the hardest part is often staying alive.

But beyond the journey that tradition has dictated for her, Liddy carries with her a mysterious family heirloom: A box as black as onyx stones with a keyhole but no hinges or seam. Whatever’s clinking around inside may be the beginning of an entirely new chapter in Liddy’s story.

coming of age fantasy quest roadtrip