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The Open Road

It has been three hundred years since the Age of Ice has ended, since humanity spilled out from its battered strongholds, from deep under-cities and dark holes to a green, fertile and unclaimed world.

The Autarch is dead. The Revolution has won. But it is not a time of peace.

Altea is surrounded by enemies who now seek the empty throne in Stormhaven. It is caught in the middle of a larger struggle as infant kingdoms, nomadic tribes and belligerent races battle for primacy in the Great East.

Brachillio, the Last of the Wielders, the killer of the Autarch is tired of killing and war. He searches for his purpose now that the revolution is over, but finds himself being dragged into battle again as the Rudavangians, unified by a single warlord, cross the Apia with fire and sword…

It is a time of violent change again.

adventure ensemble fantasy western

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