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The Keepers Rise

A Magical Sci-Fi Adventure with an Original Soundtrack

A small mep named Velda, orphaned since birth, is waiting for her life to change. She meets Cha, a spirit being, who reveals that she is destined to save the universe with the help of a magical Powerstone. Velda is found by the royal family on her planet and joins seven other teens with similar beginnings. But, as they begin their training on the path to mastery of magic, something goes wrong…

Velda reached into her pocket and pulled out the emerald and ring. It was a lot to take in, and Cha knew that she knew it. She looked back at Cha. "What if I can’t do it?"

"The fates decided that you would be here when I came to the material realm. You are the one we chose, and you are meant to have this Powerstone."

Velda looked down at the emerald, which was still glowing faintly. "Could it hurt me?"

"This is a first for me as well. I am not certain. I apologize if the transformation is harsh, but I think you will make it through fine."

"What transformation?"

"Well, it is hard to say what it will be."

Velda stared at the stone, and after a while could see her reflection in it, stained green by the shine it was surrounded in. How could she trust herself to take on a task like this? She couldn’t imagine being able to protect anything.

Read one of the first web novels with an original embedded soundtrack! Be sure to click the play button at the top of each part to listen to the music as you read. Also, remember to comment and vote for the chapter parts you enjoy! Any and all feedback is appreciated.

I update TKR once a week on Fridays, in time for weekend readers. Join the Discord to get in touch with me and other readers and get notified when new sections are coming!

Video art credits: Eva Tomassini (@avianinkkit on Insta) All Rights Reserved. ©️ Maja D.B. 2020.

adventure fantasy magic music science fantasy science fiction

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