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The Assassin's Captive

male/male historical romance about an assassin who loves BDSM

Magnus suffers in tremendous luxury as the captive of an assassin. Decades as the “spare” child of a wealthy Connecticut family prepared Magnus for captivity in a mansion. He wasn’t prepared for a battle of wills with his kidnapper, the assassin Klaus.

Klaus misses his social life before he became an assassin. He wants an excuse to use his second dining room, but Magnus protests the forced friendship. Tantrums abound on both sides.

Two grown men with the emotional maturity of small children meet their match in one another. Things go sideways when Klaus introduces Magnus to BDSM. The privileged brat indulges the assassin’s cruel attention because maybe some attention is all he ever wanted.

The chronically overworked servants are fed up with Klaus’s self-destructive behavior and Magnus’s melodramatics. An ambitious butler schemes to bring captor and captive together. Or at the very least, stop them from breaking any more of the fine china.

first love gay historical fiction love stories queer romance