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Spider Core

A spider-based Dungeon Core litRPG!

Fia Rush was nothing but a lonely [Bandit] before being ambushed and subsequently dying to a race of spider-monsters called Arachne. Fortunately, in a strange twist of fate, she managed to accidentally touch a Dungeon Core beforehand, and became a [Dungeon Master]. This not only saved her life, but also turned her into one of these spider-women. Now Fia’s life is on a course completely different than anything she could have possibly dreamed about.

Join Fia in her journey to becoming one of the strongest dungeons in the world as she builds her base, gains loyal followers, and covers filthy humans in tons and tons of spiders.

Additional Tags: [High Fantasy] [Dungeon Core] [LitRPG] [Base Building] [Villain] [Demon Lord]

anti-hero fantasy magic monsters spiders transformation

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