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Your soul is the currency of magic. How much of it are you willing to spend?

The Silent Academy is safe. Why wouldn’t it be? The Silent Academy stands as a beacon of order, civilization, and education amidst the Redlands, a place filled with barbaric witches who prey on the sorrow of their victims. Truly, there is no better place in this world to be.

…or so goes the official narrative. Cienne, as a young witch taken from his home in the Redlands for "re-education," has his doubts. When war comes to the Silent Academy, and the true cost of magic shows itself, Cienne has to clash with his former teachers and classmates in order to free himself from the Silent Academy’s web of lies.

Soulmage is a YA fantasy novel about a boy named Cienne, the lies he’s been told, and the costs of a magic that runs on souls.

dark fantasy fantasy queer transgender war young adult

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