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Small Worlds

The end of the world is non-negotiable. How it happens is still up in the air.

Ryan Smith was a boring guy. The only remotely interesting thing about him was the man in a suit that no one else could see. Always watching, always taking notes. Why? Because it’s Ryan’s job to supervise the end of the world. The newly appointed guardian of a nanoverse, an object that gives him the power of a god, it’s up to Ryan to try and save humanity, even though he can’t save the world. Shockingly, not everyone is on board with the end of the world, especially Enki, a villain so terrible he…wants to save the world.

At least things have stopped being boring.

Now Ryan finds himself in a fast paced adventure, caught in the power struggle between gods as he is forced to battle for his life against forces he can barely comprehend. A high octane battle between good and evil, where the heroes’ best hope is a kinder, gentler Armageddon.

adventure complete gods modern supernatural mythic weird

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