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Sjoria: The Silence Before The Song

SJORIA is a young world. Its soul is an entity called the Song which connects the destinies of every living thing. In the beginning, there were appointed guardian spirits to protect and guide it. But one of those most trusted used her knowledge of the Song to interfere with its natural course for her own gain. Now she threatens the fate of the planet and every living thing on it. Only the choices of the mortals she intends to destroy can stop her.

Thairyn is just an eight year old girl, a child princess of a draconic race.

Gideon is the heir to an empty throne; his people once close allies to hers, but relations have gone stale and tensions are rising.

She leads an idyllic life with close friends and family in a peaceful forest. He faces political intrigue within and the threat of war from without. Neither are aware of the role they play in the the Song. If The Traitor has anything her way, they never will.

Immerse yourself in a world you’ve never seen, with creatures you’ve never heard about (the magic rabbit aside).

epic family fantasy high fantasy humor illustrated quest survival telepathy tragedy

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