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Secret Identities

Lola Merriweather is the daughter of Mesmera, a bank robber with mind control abilities. Her mother wants her to follow in her footsteps, but Lola had other plans—she wants to take over the world.

Lola’s best friend is Glory Hart. With her super-speed, she knows she was meant for greatness, and has never wanted anything but a future with the League of Heroes.

Lawrence Lawrence’s only concern is to escape small town hell, and he doesn’t much care where he goes or what he’s doing. He doesn’t see his telekinetic powers as helpful, until he gets his League of Heroes acceptance letter, and learns that not only is having a life fun, having two lives is even better.

All three end up at the University Noir in Acropolis, Connecticut, where the League of Heroes runs one of their training programs. The city is also a Mecca for super villains, including the nefarious Dark Lothario. While Glory and Lawrence learn to be heroes, Lola sets the building blocks for her future role of secret leader, and tries to connect with the underworld she knows she belongs to.

Unfortunately friendship, love, and betrayal disrupts the best laid plans, and by the end of the year everything changes.

college drama fantasy relationships superhero

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