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Reaver's Song

Minji Song wanted a little bit of excitement in her life. Some thrills, something adventurous, maybe even an anime that wasn’t bait. Just a little something to break up the monotony of teaching spoiled rich girls about things they’d never use. What she didn’t want was to be dragged into a world wholly unlike anything in the games she played. Not only was she not the princess, she didn’t really even count as sentient. Sucked into a world that hated her and forced to participate in a plan hatched to kill the unkillable how was she; a pair of nymphomaniac princesses, a stubbornly naked demon warrior, a psychopathic mage with a penchant for torture and a cat girl who liked licking things she probably shouldn’t, going to pull it off in time to make it back before school starts up again?

alternate universe elves fantasy lesbian thieves vampires

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