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Princess Murders The Hero

A princess and her guard travel the islands of violence to kill the hero of prophecy.

Princess Murders The Hero (Tag: Pinapatay ng Binukot ang Bayani; Bis: Gipatay sa Binukot ang Bayani), is a web novel set in the archipelago of The Sword Isles, a fantasy setting inspired by Classical Philippines. This is a bayani genre web serial, inspired by Filipino folk epics and martial art heroes.

The singing star unfurls. The trembling star awakens.

The hero has come.

From the nest of crime and excess that is Ananara, capital of the Lakanate, begins the travel of the man known to many as the Mendicant Bayani. This Auspicious Beggar Hero is known more to others as…


Sent by all the gods themselves, this Hero of Prophecy travels the islands to gather the Six Godly Regalia of the First Rajah, which will be the key to create a powerful Empire that will finally conquer and unite all islands under a single throne, thus achieveing peace and prosperity.

The islands are alive and aflame in speculation. What do they do now? That a hero of prophecy has arrived? The hero that will unite the Islands, forspoken by ancient singers. That Hero who will call to arms the banners and mandalas of the various scattered peoples. The Hero chosen by the gods and ancestors.

The people rejoice. The people have been awaiting him.

The prophet that first sung his story, however, was a demon goddess. And this demon goddess has other plans.

Follow, then, as an ostracized princess of the Rajah and her faithful royal guard travel the islands of violence, with a destiny that they themselves must choose to fulfill.

This is not a story where the hero saves the day. Where a farm boy becomes a noble king who serves his subjects faithfully.

This is a story where the PRINCESS MURDERS THE HERO.

This is a Heroic Fantasy novel set in The Sword Isles, a setting inspired by Classical Period Philippines and Southeast Asia. This web novel series is inspired by various Fantasy Novels (notably: Earthsea, the Bas-Lag Trilogy, Tigana/Lions of Al-Rassan/Under Heaven, and Sabriel), Asian dramas (Amaya, Scarlet Heart Ryeo), Comics and Manga (Kill 6 Billion Demons, Full Metal Alchemist), and video game narratives (Tactics Ogre).

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