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Patience in the Dark

A warrior's blood and identity, all for the pride of a blind man

Little is known of the old world. Gyon is the last place on earth to have preserved the ancient traditions of Shai-Ryam, once known as Akata. High in the northern mountains, the Renno warriors practice the arts of the blade and spirit.

Daolin, a young Renno disciple, is coming upon his seventeenth year, and his last as a junior in the clan. He has received his Calling that will determine whether or not he is ready to move up in rank. He has been summoned to be the protector, or Oshinnan, of a prominent lord’s blind son, Ji Son Turema.

But there is more to Ji Son than the abominable spoiled brat that he seems. His experiences being blind may be able to teach the warrior Daolin something of his own past—the past he has worked so hard to forget.

adventure assassins drama fantasy high fantasy martial arts redemption

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