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Oceans of Shelter

Nalan's people seek singers of god-power, but Nuette just seeks home and parents.

Galania. A kingdom that stretches from oceans in the west to seas in the east. Its people hum with the energy of a new age. Technology is thriving as scientists harness the powers of gods for new creations. Cities glow with light that does not flicker and nations grow under the thumb of a network of continental planners.

And in the midst of newness is a 13 year old girl, Nuette Syimga. As the daughter of a potter and plumber, theirs is a simple life despite the busy city of Deutro’s rising power. Yet, that life is not without its worries.

Nuette and her parents are believers in Kalshen, a god that has fallen from the favor of Galanian citizens. Where once the belief was tolerated, changing times are leading to disrupted lives. The Syimga family find themselves unwelcome in their own home, and they must face mounting risks to ensure the safety of their daughter. Nuette will be thrown from the comforts of home and then she faces difficult choices to keep her parents alive.

family fantasy high fantasy magic religion steampunk

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