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O Burning Star

The saga of one young man's journey through a world of beasts, warlords, and the coming of the end of the world.

ATTACK. LOOT. EAT. BURN. ‍ Arthen is without a home once again. But this time, he is not alone. His brother has abandoned him, cursed him, and left him with a mortal wound that brings with it a sinister presence and infects Arthen’s mind. Now a mysterious whispering voice follows Arthen as he gains unnatural powers and unusual abilities he’s never had before.
‍ On his journey to find a new home, Arthen falls into the ranks of the Broken Spirits, a rebellion led by the mysterious entity dubbed by the citizens of the land as the Headhammer. But this revolution is not a righteous crusade Arthen had dreamt joining from his childhood fairy tales. In a world of beasts, warlords, and zealots of all kinds, Arthen must try to find the true path for virtuous revolution as the country hinges on the brink of war and draws ever nearer toward the end of days. ‍ And all the while the whispering voice inside Arthen’s head guides him along…

adventure apocalyptic epic fantasy humor medieval

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