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Nimue's Bar

A story about slices of life after death.

When Kaia Sommers woke up after the accident, a lot of things had changed. She was very cold, no longer needed to sleep, and she did not seem to cast a shadow. Most importantly, she was no longer dead.

She soon discovered, however, that her prolonged mortality came at a terrible price. As a shade, only one in every few thousand people is capable of forming long term memories of her. Everyone else forgets her name and her face as soon as she leaves their presence.

Today, Kaia works as a bartender in the Grotto, a city populated entirely by aberrations, the undead, and supernatural beings such as herself. All she wants is for someone other than her two coworkers to be able to remember her name, and maybe some peace and quiet. Unfortunately, the Grotto is far from peaceful, and Kaia soon finds herself embroiled in petty feuds, misguided romance, and a dangerous job that just might be able to make her mortal once again.

fantasy horror modern supernatural queer slice of life transgender urban fantasy

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