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Monster Girl versus the Multiverse

Travel the Multiverse, meet interesting people, and eat them.

Akumi Fuji is the world’s greatest Dungeons & Drakes Online player—and she’s in trouble!

She’s been isekai’d into the Multiverse, a video game-like network of universes based on fiction genres, from High Fantasy to Cyberpunk to Space Opera. What’s worse, it’s in the middle of a civil war. The United Worlds, a federation of imperialist humanoids, is fighting the League of Monsters, an alliance of xenophobic monsters.

Now, Akumi is going to have to use her newfound ability to turn into monster girls, from a sneaky goblin girl to a ferocious werewolf girl to an invincible dragon girl, if she wants to survive, make allies, and eventually rule in this strange new world.

Oh, and did I mention she has to eat a monster before she can turn into its monster girl type?!

Talk about a bad roll!

This isn’t your typical isekai, this isn’t your typical litRPG, and this isn’t your typical system web novel. This is as weird as it gets. This is Monster Girl versus the Multiverse!

Author’s Note:

Chapters will be released on Mondays, GMT.

If you like anime, comic books, and video games—especially Overlord and Danganronpa—you’ll like this.

It’s going to be one of those long web novels with 100+ chapters, deep lore, and a huge and colourful cast of characters. The story will eventually turn into an epic quest across the Multiverse in the same vein as the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Reader feedback and support is appreciated.

action adventure anime cyberpunk high fantasy space opera

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