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Mark of the Crijik

Marked by a god a man struggles to survive after reincarnating in an unknown world.

Andross Silver had a nice life until he was pushed over the side of his building. Reborn into a family that wants to kill him, gifted with a system and armed with determination he rises to the challenges of this strange world.

His only blessing is the Mark of the Crijik, a magical gift from a divine being that bestows great powers onto those that possess it.

It also kills them at the age of twenty five.

Andross must master magic to help him carve a path to greatness, and overcome the countdown of death that has been placed upon him.

My parents love me.

That’s why they run towards danger with me in their arms.

A stone with newborn babies on it? Its just a sacrificial altar. Nothing for me to worry about.

What’s that in the sky? Oh no.

action adventure fantasy magic rpgs

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