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A physicist invents a time machine but it is stolen by eco-terrorists, who try to annihilate the human race from the spacetime continuum.

A physicist, Michael Cooke, creates a device which can teleport matter. Robert Masterson, a military officer contacts him and offers help to develop the technology. Cooke asks for an assistant, Celia Jones, and the two discover a way to send things through space and time. Masterson tells them he’s bringing together some experts in a number of scientific fields (the Jump Team), including ecology, environmental science, palaeontology and engineering, to go back in time and carry out measurements which can be used to help slow the worsening state of the planet.

Meanwhile the EARTH Force (EF), a harmless group of environmental terrorists run by an ineffectual hippie named Jonathan Dent, meet at a secret location and are introduced to some new members, one of whom, identifying himself only as “Darwin”, seems not to be there for the same reasons as the rest of the group.

Unbeknownst to the Jump Team, one of their members is part of the EF and is covertly taking the machine. These trips are being organised by Darwin, who is coercing members of the EF into helping him through blackmail and bribery. As he reveals his plans it becomes apparent that his motives are not driven by his love for the environment.

The Jump Team have to identify the interloper, defeat the terrorists and travel back in time to fix the problems caused by the EF, which are affecting present day conditions and could ultimately lead to the annihilation of the universe from the spacetime continuum.

action environmentalism science fiction time travel