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Jinsei: Resonate

The value in our encounters, the ones around us and the foundation for our dreams to stand.

"They say humans change as they meet new people. Isn’t that almost like resonance?"

Matsumoto Isamu, a high school junior, is obsessed with his ambition to be remembered. To become someone great or doing something of significant impact. With strengths that he can’t use properly and weaknesses that bind him, he lives his life constantly in doubt. He has also been troubled due to a mysterious silhouette appearing in the park near his home at times.

What will happen when he unravels the silhouette’s identity?

This is a story of a group of individuals, each on their own journey and how much they influence each other without realizing it. Told mostly through dialogue and comedy, the aim is to unveil the only real mystery- the human mind.

Do humans really resonate? Or is it just fiction?

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