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When two very different people find themselves bound by the fate of one mysterious bot, life in the World-City begins to change…

Interface is a cyberpunk webnovel set in an ecumenopolis world where people evolved with electro-sensory abilities. These senses shape the face of modern technology and life in a world where the three largest corporations run what has effectively become the government. Each of these three companies control various aspects of life in the city, and they all constantly vie for domain and power over one another.

Welcome to the World-City of Thousel, the sixth iteration of life on the planet. These are the recordings of the people of Thousel. Thousel is believed to be the second longest iteration of life, and the overall most prosperous compared to what we know about the past five iterations. Medicine and technology have all progressed abundantly, and the world itself has been turned into one great city, governed and managed by the Governmental-Company Alliance, or the GCA.

The world stands at the precipice of biological, technological, and historical breakthrough. After decades of study into microbiology, archaeology, and geology, it has been discovered that sentient life has lived on the planet multiple times over. These past peoples are referred to as the “prior iterations of life,” and it is believed that five great civilizations were constructed before the rise of the modern world. No one can be sure for certain what caused these peoples’ extinction long ago, and the theories range from simply dying off over time to massive tectonic fractures in the face of the planet. Advanced technology, far more complicated than anything the people possess today, has been uncovered in multiple locations. This has lead scholars to speculate on exactly how long each iteration of life survived and how far they progressed as a society. None of the companies have been able to find a way to make this ancient technology work for their own profit. It is as though they are each missing the final key needed to unlock these centuries old secrets. What could this knowledge reveal about the nature of life across every iteration? What power could it give to the one who wields it?

Far from the investigation into the origin of life, two kids unlock a new mystery – one that ties their fates to the discovery of an old, mysterious robot. Suddenly, eyes begin to turn towards them as life in the city of Thousel changes wherever they go…

cyberpunk futuristic queer robots science fantasy science fiction

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