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Help, I woke up with no memory in an erotic dating simulator … With Micro-Transactions

Its not pay to win, just pay to have any fun.

Waking up to flashing lights and floating words is not my usual Monday. At least, I don’t think it is, I can’t remember. My name is Random. At least, that’s what the game tells me. The game I am stuck in, some kind of ultimate VR experience. What kind of game? Oh, the kind where you make friends, buy them presents, and take them on dates. And… what comes after a good date. But all the FUN stuff is locked behind a premium currency, and I can’t remember my password to buy any. The worst part? I can’t stop REVIEWING the game that I am stuck in, even as I’m trying to navigate the many paths and partners it presents me, hoping that each time I go to sleep, I might wake up back in reality. Whatever that is, these days.

sex telepathy time travel virtual reality