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Ember's Crown

'I will claim Ember's Crown and devour this world'

20,000 years ago the Towers emerged. From the Towers, a mysterious force known as "Tension" Spread through the walled continent of Aspire.

In a dying land, replete with corruption and bloodshed, Nero XIII dreams of ascending the Grand Tower and seizing the power to change the world…

Or will he choose to destroy it instead?

He isn’t transmigrated, he isn’t reincarnated, he doesn’t have a system. What he does have is years of training under the enigmatic "Father" and an unshakable will.

Raised as the perfect weapon from youth, Nero sets out on a journey to scale the heights of power, strike fear into the hearts of those who cross him, and claim Ember’s Crown.

action adventure anti-hero dark fantasy fantasy magic

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