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Dungeon Tour Guide

A Healer Dungeon Core LitRPG

★★★★★ Tour guide was super friendly and helped us clear the dungeon!

After Lucas dies during a dungeon delve gone wrong, divine intervention sees him brought back to life with the power to control a dungeon.

There’s just a couple issues: he still has his human body, and he can’t leave.

When he sees newbie adventurers entering his dungeon, though, Lucas decides to help them survive and complete their quests.

After all, adventuring is a process, and someone needs to guide the rookies.

Dungeon Tour Guide is a non-traditional Dungeon Core novel.

What to expect:

- Collaboration with adventurers

- A main character who wants to help people thrive

- Powerful skills and spells for the MC’s dungeon and human halves

- Dungeon building and eventual community building

- A Dungeon Core MC with a human body

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