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You don't need a gun to win a war.

In 2009, the world changed as Seattle fell to a tsunami, one created with sheer willpower. The rise of “Deviants,” superhumans with unique abilities and powers, was almost immediate. Factions formed, fighting themselves and each other, and once mundane criminals became lethally efficient killers. Heroes rose up, but they were few and far between.

It is now 2025. The superhero community has rapidly grown, bolstered by government intervention. Cassandra Jansen, a 15-year old Deviant, decides to join Phoenix, Arizona’s local vigilantes in their never-ending war against organized crime.

Cass is quick to learn that she is in way over her head, getting entangled in a Deviant conflict that refuses to let go of her. As she allies with her once-missing father, Cass struggles to keep hold of her morality in a world that seems to be lacking it.

bi ensemble fantasy gay lesbian queer science fantasy superhero transgender

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