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A Journey of Strength and Wisdom.

In a world of swords, magic, and wonders, Vreil suddenly loses his family to a twist of fate. On his quest to survive, he follows a mysterious wizard, and becomes embroiled in a revolution he knows little of.

He cultivates magic, learns to fight with a blade, and meets worthy companions. He grows stronger and more mature, gradually turning from prey into a hunter. And in his journey, Vreil clashes with pirates, immortal jokesters, wolves and, even worse, sheep. Can he use magic, blade and wit to fight them off? Or will he be the one to fall instead?

Follow Vreil on his adventures. Witness the dawn of an era.


This is a story I’d written a few years back, and I figured it’s a waste to just let it sit around. Most of it is already written, but I’m going through the chapters and editing the shit out of them.

This story is NOT a Lit-RPG, so no blue screens or anything of the sort. It is just fast-paced fiction with slight cultivation elements.

Updates are bi-daily (so every 2 days), and chapters are 1500-3000 words. As always, feedback is more than welcome.

Why are you still reading the synopsis? You have already decided. Go ahead, give this story a shot.

It’s worth it.

action adventure fantasy magic sword and sorcery war

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