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Crown of the Martyr and Martyr of the Crown.

An undisputed being sits upon his throne, the Crown of damnation adorning his head. One gaze enough to make gods tremble, and one wave of his hand enough to make the mightiest of demons flee. An unfathomable cataclysm will surely arrive when such a being is slain and grasps another chance to walk among the living.

This is a story of a monarch more ancient than time itself defying the absolution of death in his eternal strive to accomplish his primordial goal.

And the Crown gazes on ravenously, its curse awaiting its next martyr.

Story with an overpowered mc who still thinks with his brain, not muscles. I believe I put my own twist on the reincarnation trope. The story is mostly told from third person view with mc’s perspective. New chapters are released 3 times a week.

action adventure alternate universe epic fantasy high fantasy magic sword and sorcery

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