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Brave Fighting Sun

The Past and The Present

It’s been ten years since the War of the Lands. Once one of the heroes of the war, Henry Randolph now finds himself accused of treason by the very country he served. With a overly persistent lieutenant and an old flame both chasing after him, Henry seeks out to clear his name in any way possible.

Meanwhile, the life of Sorin Wilk was once a simple one. That changed one day when his estranged father met with him and revealed to him something he had no idea about: his brother is still alive and out there somewhere. Joined along with a promising young inventor and his father’s old friend, Sorin is eager to find all the answers about his family.

Brave Fighting Sun is an adventure that explores lands that are adapting after a long, grueling war. With intense action and compelling characters, this is a story you will want to keep checking out week to week!

action adventure comedy fantasy futuristic intrigue military politics war

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